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This is the website of Eric Gunther, a long time user of Computer Animation software. Originally studying at the The Art Institute of Philadelphia, then later independently. Currently more familiar with the free, blender animation software package, but also somewhat familiar with Softimage and Truespace. 3D studio, was taught at AIPH, and other attendant softwares necessary to create animation videos, and productions.

My current toolset is comprised of free software. The Gnu Image Manipulation Program, aka GIMP is a mainstay. I have experimented with Cinelerra (digital video editing) but had marginal success. I have recently started using ffmpeg (command line tool for encoding and decoding video and audio) to produce video files from RAW avi's output by blender. Ffmpeg can be used to convert still images into a video file suitable for playing on the web. This is the tool which I have used to create the Drawn animation on this site. Through scanning in the images and issuing a few commands to ffmpeg the video file is created.

On this site there are examples of rigging, skinning, animation, modeling and texturing (UV mapped). There are examples of hand drawing for the purpose of reference and study. The textures often are painted in GIMP, or blender, using texture painting.

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nice-render headphone beauty arrowside krill sample
headphone_clay krill, whiteclay pumpjack, wire heart-clay mosquito-clay
heart drawing 1 heart drawing 2 heart drawing 11 anatomy book sketch

This website is gladly hosted on a Raspberry Pi, Model B, running FreeBSD 11

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