Sun Sep 4 16:01:47 EDT 2016

Thinking and listening to some older stuff

I was listening to an album by a band called haujobb (matrix), made in '95. It reminded me of a video I had seen much more recently, which relates to this blog. I think I remember that the animation was made with softimage xsi, which as far as I understand it is now not available anymore ( was bought by autodesk and subsumed). I originally was interested in softimage because they had a version selling for $500, whereas the competition at the time ( 3D studio ) that I was more familiar and aware of was selling for over $1000. I used softimage for quite some time although never professionally. People made some beautful stuff that I had seen. This was my favorite/ its called mindplotter from studio polynoid

and the haujobb album (also from youtube) playlist

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